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All In The Family!!

Family is one of the most important things you can have as a human. We are tribal creatures who do not like to be alone for the most part. I am blessed because I come from a large family. I am the youngest out of five children. As I am sure it was a handful for my mom as we were growing up, it makes a pretty nice support system as we all get older. My parents have 14 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I have 12 nieces and nephews and 1 great nephew and 1 great niece. This creates a nice little network of people especially when you consider the theory of 6 degrees of separation.


My little family was fortunate enough to get to try a new life in Las Vegas three years ago. Out of all those numbers I spewed out earlier, 88% of the family (all but 3) lived in the same hometown. This was a great opportunity for us and we love living here. This also created a connection for all those people if they should venture out of the small little town in Montana.


As we have had a few visitors come see us, one day I got a phone call from my brother with a request. His youngest son recently graduated from high school and was looking for place to venture out on his own. His biggest passion in life happens to be golf so a place where golf is available year around was a must. My brother wanted to know if I could help him find a job at golf course. I jumped at the opportunity to help someone out and my boys were super excited to have one of their cousins come visit. Well, the plan was for him to come visit but it didn’t work out that way. When I picked him up on that Friday, neither of us would have guessed that he wouldn’t be using his return plane ticket.
We ventured out to golf courses instantly and then it was fate. He landed a job within walking distance from where we live and the rest was history. He was officially living and working in Las Vegas. Family is the best thing you can have if you are looking to relocate to a city they live in. Once he gets his own place we will see if there are any other nieces or nephews looking to leave the nest and get a new start at Casa Lee-LaVoy.


Previous Video is of our awesome boy Sabien!! He loves to make Youtube videos so stay tuned for more!



Taking a seat on the couch as a household and creating a list of worthy goals can look seem like a difficult job. Nevertheless, understand that there is not one ideal method to come up with your list of values. Start by calling a household conference and getting input from each member of the family. Know that it might take a number of different sessions to obtain all the ideas and jot them down. Regardless, in the end, you’ll have a list that genuinely shows your family’s stance. The following pointers will assist you in cultivating a list that you and your kids can follow:

  • Think about composing an objective declaration that resolves your core household worth, whether it be quietly fixing disputes, being kind and devoted or striving.
  • Discuss your home life. What things are essential to your household? Exactly what are the strengths of your household? What words or expressions best explain your household?
  • Document everything. You can constantly return and narrow the lists you have made later on. The very first session has to do with conceptualizing.
  • Empower everybody so they can consider it for a while prior to reconvening to settle on a list.
  • Adhere to 10 significant concepts. Your last list can have the basics, however 10 is a convenient number to go for without creating frustration.
  • Show your list. Hang your most important notes up someplace where it will be seen every day.
  • Describe the list when things occur. Utilize your household’s list of worths as a mentor tool.
  • Reword as required. The list might grow and progress gradually, simplify as your family grows.

Our family ,business, carpet cleaning las vegas, has been a source of frustration and a source of great joy. We use these opportunities to grow closer as a tribe and look deeper into ourselves and how we can better our existence together.

Family First